Posted on Jun 5, 2020

Roof Repairs Pretoria - Leaking roof repairs Pretoria

Tile roof repair, waterproofing and painting - Centurion Golf Estate.
The tiled roof tends to deteriorate in the sun and here it was no different. Oxidation of the waterproofing and paint was helped along by the UV rays.
Left for much longer, water will enter the roof which leads to timber rot and the growth of mold. Needles to say, the roof structure will fail and mold will lead to medical conditions. Financial expenses that could be prevented.
Clean the whole area with a high-power hose to get rid of all dust and debris. Remove redundant waterproofing to make way for fresh waterproofing. Replace any broken timber and reinforce the weeknd structure to ensure the structure will carry the load. Place new waterproofing on hips, valleys, flashing and plumbers vents. After the roof is properly waterproofed it is painted with a good quality UV resistant paint.

All repairs were completed, waterproofing applied and painting executed successfully. The property is ready to protect its occupants completely.

The owner and his family will be well protected against the weather. He now has a property which he can be proud of.
Thanks, Zim for the opportunity to repair, waterproof and paint your roof in Centurion Golf Estate.
Your properties face lift was a success.
Tremco replaces, repair, waterproof and paint any roof.
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